Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot Friday Harbor

Today was an early start to get ready for the Turkey Trot.  Eduardo and I were the first ones to get there.  Which was nice since there was no line to sign up.  There was a total of 161 people signed up.  All the donation go to the Food Bank, so it was nice to have so many people show up.  Being a small community it was fun because you knew most people around you.  

I am going to meet up with the folks here in a bit and get some food ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner.

I have a few photos from the Trot.  Hope everyone has a great day.

We were amped and ready to run!!

This is my buddies kid.  He did not seem to happy to be there.  But by the end of the run he was happy to play in a mud puddle near by.

Here are some of the runners that have just got back and our checking in.

I did not do so well as it was a late night for me.  So I took it easy and I think I ended up around 28th out of 161.  Not sure of my time as they will post it later on the net.

Happy TG

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ashlula03 said...

Ya what an off day, 28 out of 161 is just so horrible! :P ~Ash