Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Day

The days pass fast this time of year with the sun rising late and then setting early.  So I started the day with some warm coffee and was hoping to see the fog lift.  But it was reluctant to move on.  I got all the kayak gear cleaned up from the clinic.  After that there was really not much time until the sun was gone.  I came home and got sucked in to playing my guitar for a bit.  But pulled myself away to go to the west side and take in some quite time.  I went to a certain place that is special to me and took in in the grand scene of gray.  The water was flat and the clouds consumed almost everything in the distance.  Birds were grouped foraging on the surface of the water.  All was quite and still.  A few porpoise were traveling about the strait and I took a moment to watch them as they passed.  Finally I had to get back to town for a friends birthday. Now I am back home and with the fog thickening for the night and the air cool.  The fall winter vibe of nesting is setting in.  Hibernation if you are not careful.  This is a great time to be with someone close and nest in and enjoy the seasons beauty.

I did take a few photos.  Enjoy.

Yea I am laid back on a warm thermarest pad taking in this amazing view.  This one spot is a place that I like to go and think.

Just a view to show how gray things are.

Well that is all I have for the day.  Feeling a bit of the gray coming on so think it is time to slip off to bed.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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