Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mountain Views

It was sunny and cold most of the day.  But by days end the clouds were regrouping and moving back in.  I took advantage of the sun today and did a bunch of work where we have all of our kayaks and gear stored.  I got things pretty well set for the winter.  We hold some gear out for our winter tours, but for the most part things get put away.

After that I came home and before I knew it the sun was setting.  So I grabbed my camera and took off to get a few pictures.  I wish I had a DSLR because the mountains were amazing.  Mt. Baker was so beautiful, but I kept driving so I could get a picture of the Olympic Mountains.  

I will be off island tomorrow as I am heading to Seattle to see Mason Jennings.  But I will be back on island this weekend.  Plus it looks like we have kayak tours going out next week.  Hope it does not rain.

Olympic Mountains in the distance.

I just wanted to take a picture with the kayaks on top of my Previa.  

Calm water on the straits and snow in the mountains.  A beautiful scene.

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Nalini said...

Thanks for the magnificent photographs.I really enjoyed the beauty of nature.