Hello everyone.  I ended up not going to Seattle Saturday and stayed home on the island.  It worked out great as I met up with a group of friends and went out to eat at Steps Wine Bar and Cafe.  If you are ever in Friday Harbor it is a must if you really want to taste the best food the island has to offer.

This morning I got up and went for a little walk.  It was raining but I live in the Pacific Northwest, rain is part of the game.  I decided I need to go clear my head.  At least it is my form of meditation.  So I loaded up my kayak and headed for the water.  I was less interested in paddling and more interested in trying to breath the salt water.  Upside down in a kayak for some reason is a very strange and quite place.  It is moments of a new world where I am truly a momentary passer by.

I had fun doing rolls, butterfly roll and playing with my half paddle roll.  Then simply paddling and capsizing in various body positions then rolling back up.  The water was really cold.  Dark clouds started to move in and rain fell.  But it was what the soul needed.  I decided to come to shore when my teeth were chattering and fingers numb.  It was what I needed for the day to bring a smile to my face.  

I did not get a lot of photos.  The ones I do have are not the best due to water on the lens cover. But I did take a video.  It is not much.  But I am just starting to play with the feature for future use.

This is how it starts.  Loading the Previa with kayaks.  Previas rock by the way.

Here is a ok photo.  You can see the water is nice and calm.  By the time I was heading back to shore the wind had picked up and added a bit of texture to the waters surface.

Like I said it is not much of a video.  But it is still fun.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  I am putting together a training class for out local paddle club.  We are going to do an overnight kayak trip.  I will be teaching them many techniques to planing routes and crossing channels with lots of current.  Plus rescue work.  Yeap, we will be getting cold and wet.  Got to love it.  That is Nov 15th.  So I hope to get some good photos from the trip.  But I am sure I will be updating the blog way before then.  So check back.


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