Saturday, November 22, 2008

As The Days Pass

Today day was one of those days where you felt that nothing really was going to happen.  Guess what?  Nothing really did.  But it was not a bad day. 

I was motivated and started my morning with a nice run and watched the sunrise.  It was amazing and the air was crisp.  Dark clouds loomed in the western skies and the sun was clear and bright to the east.  As I ran I had a bit of rain while the sun was still nice and bright.  I took a new route today and the views were nice.  I had Guinness with me and today was the first day where, for the first time ever, he gave out on me.  He simply could not keep up.  It was pretty sad.  I finally had to slow down and then stop.  Then I decided it was time to go home.  On the way home he was so tired and the rest of the day he has done pretty much nothing.  Guess it is time to admit he is getting older.  I think tomorrow we will take a break from running and I will take him for a nice long walk.

Other than that not much to report on.  I went out to see the sunset and have a few images to share.

After my run I went for breakfast and when I got home I was tired.  Maybe I got up to early.

The sun slipping behind the clouds.

It was a really nice sunset.  It was nice to see the sun this evening.  Lately the clouds have been to thick to enjoy the sunset.

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