Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gale Warning

Lots of wind in the forecast for the night and for the next couple of days.  I hope it dies down before my trip this weekend.  But I will have to wait and see, as I do not really trust a forecast around here unless it is with in 24 hours.

So I went for a walk with Guinness (my dog) and took a few pictures.  It was pretty funny because I have a really nice tripod from when I use to shoot images more seriously and I had my little point and shoot mounted on it.  LOL..  I am sure people driving by thought it looked a bit strange.  But I am one who really does not take much stock in what other may think I am up to.

The walk was pretty cold.  The wind has died down compared to this morning.  But the rain has not started really so that was nice.  A few of the images look pretty nice.  Hope you enjoy.

Remember you can click on image for large view.

Not the best image in the world.  But it is me hanging out with Guinness.  Two old buddies.

Looking along South Beach.  It was great standing on the edge.  The wind swift, smell of salt water, sounds of the prairie grass rustling in the wind.  There were lots of Gulls, Eagles and Ravens zooming by in the winds.  Only wish I had a DSLR to capture a better image.  It is truly amazing when you are there.

This image was taken across tall grass toward the Cattle Point Lighthouse.  

Across the Strait you can see dark clouds hanging over the Olympic Mountains.

Well that is all I have for the day.  I am going to head out here soon for a run.  Looks like the rain is getting closer as it is much darker outside.  Have a great day.

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