Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally I Got New Tires

Today the mission was to go to Anacortes and get new tires for my van.  I got the ferry at 11am and headed off.  It was pretty funny with all the strange looks I was getting when I was airing up my tire with a portable compressor in the ferry line.  More funny when I was doing it on the ferry when we were crossing to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.  But hey you got to do what you got to do. The end result was new tires and that is what I wanted.

While in Anacortes I went to my buddies, Matthew Ross, kayak shop.  You can visit his website at .  We basically hung out at his shop and caught on what has been going on and tossed around some ideas roaming through our heads.  It was truly a good time.  In front of the shop he had his company van parked and on top was a TideRace Xcite.  A beautiful kayak and one I cannot wait to paddle.  I have paddled the TideRace Xpolre but not he Xcite.  So I have to get back to Anacortes and paddle the Xcite.  The lines of the kayak are so beautiful. Check out the TideRace website

So here are a couple of photos and if you are ever in Anacortes stop by and check out SeaKayakShop.

So Mat has one tricked out van and the eye candy on top is my favorite.  The sea kayak is the TideRace Xcite.

Here is a view of the front of his shop. Located on Commercial Ave in Anacortes Washington.

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