Kayak Clinic

The Kayak Clinic was lots of fun.  We got an early start by meeting in the AM on Saturday.  Got everyones gear together and loaded the trailer and headed to the beach.  The day was great. The sun was bright and winds were calm.  The route took us from Griffin Bay up San Juan Channel to Jones Island.  Along the way we stopped to practice a few rescues.  Then off the water for lunch at Turn Island.  We arrived on Jones just before dark and set camp as the last bit of light disappeared.

It was nice to hang out and not only have a chance to get put names to faces of some of the local paddlers.  But to learn a bit more about them.  It is nice to hear about where everyone comes from. As night came the moon made its way over the water.  It was beautiful and illuminted the whole area.  Over night the wind picked up and fog moved in.  When I got out of my tent it was cold, foggy and a strong breeze.  But by the time we finished breakfast the fog was lifting and the sun was peeking through.  

We spent a lot of the day learning rescues and paddle strokes.  Staying close to Jones Islands as our base.  At lucnh we packed out gear and hauled things to the beach.  Before loading the kayaks we got on the water to do a bit more practice before heading home.  Time passed quickly and before we knew it the day had passed.  So we packed kayaks and headed for Friday Harbor. Arriving back in the cover of darkness.  

Tomorrow I have plenty of dirty gear clean and put away.  I am not looking forward that.  But in the end the trip was fun and the those that came along were really fun to camp with.

Here are a few photos.

A few picture from the first day of paddling.

Picture of San Juan Island at night.

Another San Juan Island night picture.

The moon with a few clouds in the sky.

A little practice goes a long way.

Yea I know I am not quite the most photogenic person.  But I was test my new kayak camera mount out.  I was watching some of the guys practice.

Well that is all I have.  Hope everyone is well.


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