Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunset Run

After putting up my last post on the Closure Zone idea, I needed to go burn some energy.  So I did some stuff around the house and then headed out with Guinness (my dog) for a sunset run. It was so nice out.  The sun was bright and winds calm.  As I got to the end of the trail before heading back towards the car I laid down on a high hillside and watched the sunset.  As it dropped behind the Olympic Mountains the temperature went with it.  I got up and started running back to the car. Along the way I encountered many deer standing as still as they could, blended into the tall grass.  As I moved by they watch with great suspicion and attention. Slowly articulating their ears to keep and auditory watch on me and Guinness.

On the drive home the moon was amazing.  I did not stop and get any pictures of it.  I had no way to replicate the beauty of the image so I just took it in for myself and burned it to memory. Mt Baker was standing clear in the distance and with the moon just above the horizon, it seemed huge. This amazing orb and orange color suspended over the land .  It was really amazing.  I hope everyone had a chance to notice it.  If not go outside and take a look at it tonight.  

Here are a few pictures I did take.

Oh how nice the sunset can be.

Here I am laying down and taking in the glory of the sun.  Ahhh, have to enjoy it while it is here.

Guinness knows how to enjoy a beautiful view as well.

He is really taking it in.

This was his way of letting me know it was time to go home.

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