Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday Harbor Gray Skies

Today has been washed out with gray skies and rain.  I did not even attempt any images today as low level clouds and fog kind of made it impossible to see much.  But the forecast for this weekend looks pretty good.  I am teaching and overnight kayak skills clinic and it looks like we might see a bit of sun and not much wind.  So that should be perfect for the clinic.

The island is pretty quite and I guess there are just not many people that want to come to Friday Harbor to kayak in the rain.  Though paddling in the rain is a very nice experience and since Discovery Sea Kayaks offers tours all winter, why not get out there and enjoy the elements of the Pacific Northwest.  Plus the winter is a great time to kayak if you like birding.  San Juan Island is a wintering ground for a host of seabirds.

Hope everyone out there in the world is having a productive and happy day.

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