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A Great Island Day

Yesterday I was on the water with a nice guy writing and article for Sierra Magazine. Mainly about Orca Whales. We spent the day on the water enjoying the sunshine. The currents were strong and a stiff breeze out of the west. There were no signs of the Orcas, but the day was still amazing. On our way back to the beach to go home the tidal exchange was in effect and the sea was choppy and confused. Once off the water we all headed for South Beach. Another night where there was live music and good food. The wind gained strength and the water was beautiful. I have some pictures to share with you. A little slice of island life!

The band set up to play at the beach!
People having a great time. Olympic Mountains are in the background!
PARTY! LOL. It was more chill than that.
More people!
Chickens on the rotis. YUMMM!
This little guy was making quick work of this ear of corn.
Ah, looks like trouble to me. LOL.
The set up. It takes a moment, but worth it for slow roasted chickens…

Western Bluebirds

The Western Bluebird Reintroduction on San Juan Island has been hard at work getting a new group of birds set on the island.  I have volunteered a few different times to help out.  I helped early on to move and set up a couple of aviaries for the birds, a trip out to see them when feeding and the latest was to help snap a few photos of the babies in the bird boxes.  The project seems to be a success, as some Bluebirds are staying on island.  But it has been fun to see the adult and the babies.  Soon they will be banding the new borns  before they take a leap out of the nest boxes for their first flights.
You can learn more about the project here----->

Baby Bluebirds!!!  These guys were piled together.  CUTE!!
This is from a different nest than the above images.  The babies are a bit smaller.  Really awesome to see life in its early stages.  Young and helpless and one day they will be beautiful adults flyi…

Busy Weekend

San Juan Island was full of people this weekend.  Sometime on Friday it seemed the flood gates had opened.  People filled the streets, restaurants and local businesses.  We had tours going out and sales ring at the new shop.  It was the first really flurry of business for the season.  On Saturday we had three trips go out and I was happy to hear some guest from Portland had requested me as their guide.  With a nice group of 6 people I arrived at San Juan Co Park.  The day presented a light breeze and strong currents.  But not long after we got on the water we had Orca Whales all over. We rafted together and drifted along in the current.  Orcas swam past close off our bows.  We then moved in shore to avoid the strong currents and it was time to raft again.  Orcas were swimming along the shoreline.  This time we were able to anchor in a kelp bed and enjoy the show.  As we sat watching the group move North we noticed they all have turned and were heading back.  We spent all of our time o…

The New Shop

So we opened our doors to the new shop this weekend.  Thursday was the official day we opened the new shop.  Friday was our kick off to see how the walking traffic was going to be.  We were very pleased with the first test.  Today we should be a flood of people from the morning ferries.
Since I was here early I took a few pictures of the inside of the shop to share.

The back of the shop.  Most of the paddle sports gear is in the little cave area in the back.
A view towards to the front of the shop from the back.

The new front desk.  
Anyway, that is what I have. Stop by if you are in town!!

Yesterdays Sunset

I decided to head out for sunset yesterday.  I was in need of some time to just watch the simple pleasure of the sun setting.  I took a couple of pictures to share.

I like the image.  Not sure why, but I do.
A good view of the sun before it tucks behind the clouds.
A little bit of everything going on here.
I just wanted to share a couple of my images from yesterday.  Today I spent my time getting the shop done!  A few minor things to take care of, but as of today, it is done!
Anyway, I hope everyone is well.

My Big Project

So I have made comments about my big project I have been working on and now I am letting the cat out of the bag.  Some of you know this already.  If you live here are if you are close friends of mine.  I have been working on the new Discovery Sea Kayak location.  We just opened a new shop in Friday Harbor.  We spent nearly 5 years at the last location and we were looking for a change. Though we did not move far, a block up town, we feel it will be a better location for out business. The new shop is the old location of the Blue Dolphin on First St.  We could not be happier with the new location!  I finally got the outside of the building the way I wanted and the inside will be done tomorrow!  I feel it is a great addition to the town core and is an attention getter for sure.
We will be having a Grand Re-Opening Sale this Friday through Sunday!  So if you are on island come by and help us celebrate our new location!
I want to give a special thank you to Jenn Riggs for helping me get thing…

Sunny Skies and BBQ

Yesterday was beautiful here on San Juan Island.  I started my day with a little work at the shop but called it a bit early to come home and throw a couple of Pork Shoulders on the grill.  Called a few friends and the time was set for the evenings BBQ.  Since the shoulders cook over low heat for hours, I got a bit of packing done.  My roommate and I are moving to new digs.  It has been nice living on Argyle St. but it is one of the major road in and out of town.  The new house is tucked away from the road noise.  I still have a lot of work to do before I am moved in.
The clouds are here this morning and I have a few things on my plate for the day.  Work a bit more on my Discovery Sea Kayak project, I have an a guide here for an interview and get more moved if possible.  
I will be on the water for a bit for the interview and I will try and snap a few photos off to share. 
ANYWAY, I hope everyone is doing great today.

Still Work That Needs To Be Done

Well I had hoped to have pictures of my exciting project I have been working on.  But it looks like I will need a few more days before I can post images.  But tomorrow will finish up a big part of the project then I will just a need a day or so to get things set.  I cannot wait to share with those who visit my blog.
Plus I will be moving out of my house and into a new location.  It will be sad saying good bye to the ole house here on Argyle.  But the new house will be great.   I had lots of fun living in my current house but it will be passed over to another group of kayak guides from another company.  So I will be able to enjoy the amazing back yard.  
Work is busy and trips are starting to be more consistent.  The weather today was great and Ocras were on the West Side.
I know I have been lame at getting new post up and really lame by not having any pictures to share.  But as soon as I am doing working on my project.  I promise I will start getting more kayaking pictures posted.

Spring Rain

For the most part last week was wonderful and the weekend was great.  But a bit of rain moved in over night.  Having the rain overnight is pretty nice as it adds a bit of soothing noise while sleeping. We were pretty busy with tours over the weekend.  With the nice weather people are getting on the water.  Plus J Pod is now back in the area and with that news people are wanting to have the opportunity to see them from a kayak.
I have been busy working on my other project and I was told the work that was needed will be done by this Saturday.  This means I can finish up what I need to do and get some photos and show everyone what I have been working on.
Soon I will be getting back on the water and sharing more pictures of the San Juan Islands from my kayak.  But I have been taking it a bit easy due to a back problem I have been having.  Hope that it gets better soon!!!
ANYWAY,,,  that is all I have for now.

Here Then There

No pictures today, sorry!  I just wanted to post a quick update on whats been going on.  
Yesterday I got the early ferry with a friend and headed to Seattle.  I was there picking up a bunch of stuff for the Discovery Sea Kayak shop.  It was a mad dash down and back.  Getting to the Seattle shops around 10am and getting done around 1pm or so.  Pouring rain and a truck load of stuff scantly tarped.  Made our way to Anacortes and had a nice Mexican Dinner with Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.  I arrived at the ferry dock around 503pm and was lucky enough to get on the 5pm ferry.  We like to call this ferry karma.  I have seen it a few times and my friends have experienced it as well.  It is like winning the lottery.  Strange I know, but if you have ever dealt with trying to catch a ferry here and just miss it and have to wait it out for the next ferry.  Well it is no fun!

Soon Discovery Sea Kayaks will have a brand new look and I am excited.  I will post images as soon as everything comes to…

Sunrise On San Juan Island

Over the past few days Shawn and I have been going out with Paul Beauchamp and his assistant Keila Collins for a photo shoot they were here to do.  It was pretty funny.  Paul is here working for some company on an ad campaign.  
The first shoot was done on the west side of San Juan Island around sunset.  We pretty much just floated around while the images were being made and positioned our kayaks in place for the shots he wanted.  We paddle tandem kayaks for the shoot.  Paul was in the back of a tandem while Shawn sat in the front and I was in the back of the other tandem while Keila sat in the front.  Over all it did not take to long and we were on our way home.
The next shoot I did not take place in.  It was the night of the Halibut cookout at my place.  It as another sunset paddle.  After they were done they came over to the house and we all made our way to the local watering hole, Herbs Tavern. The took a day off from shooting to pass everything by the client to see if the images wer…