It was a slow start last night.  We usually get over run with Trick or Treaters and for awhile I thought that they may not come.  But just when hope was lost the kids came in force.  This is one of the most fun times of the year.  Not only do kids get to dress up, adults do as well.  I did not get a costume so I was in a pinch.  My friend Penny had some face paint and got some gross fake tattoos and that is all you really need.  I had to be in costume for the Trick or Treaters.  Some people came over and we had spirits and handed out candy.  When all of the candy was gone we headed to town for some live music.  The Lords of Tiamat and Jesus Chords were set to play so we could not miss that.  It was a pretty fun night.  Halloween is one of those strange yet special times of the year.

Well I am suppose to go to Seattle tonight as there are more Halloween parties and festivities there.  But I will have to figure it out.  I am pretty tired and I am not sure if I can stand being on the ferry.  Plus I am in Seattle Thursday for a Mason Jennings show.  OH YEA!!!!

This picture says it all.  Its Halloween!

Yes we are two serious people.  It is what happens when inmates and zombie looking creatures hang out.

Ahh a clash of time eras. 

Scary people.

I have to say my costume is strange, but so is Halloween.

The beautiful people, the beautiful people.  Wait,, is that a song?

Two of my good friends.  Photo is from Penny.

I had to put this one up as it shows the skin problem I have developed.  The doctor said it is stress related. LOL....

Look I got some candy.  They are Ghost Dots.  



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