In Seattle

Hello everyone.  Well I finally made it to Seattle.  I took the 4:15 ferry off the island.  It was kind of a late start.  But I had to go help Jackie (a friend of mine) to get her car moving.  The drive was crazy.  Anacortes was pretty snowy and north of Seattle it was really snowing hard.  It was a bit intense at times driving.

But this morning when I woke up in Friday Harbor it was snowing. So I took off for a walk to town to grabs some coffee.  So here are a few photos for everyone.

Looks like the whole region got plenty of snow.  Just saw a news clip from Portland.  Hope my it is being enjoyed there.

Snow covered Argyle Ave.

San Juan Land Bank House.

This is just a beautiful scene.

Well I am going to be in airports all day tomorrow.  So I will post some new when I get to Arkansas.

Have a great night everyone.


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