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Kayaking Days on San Juan Island

The past week was really busy for us here at Discovery. But we are seeing a bit of a slow start to this week. I unfortunately have a cold now and I am not too happy about it. It is never fun to have a stuffy head when the weather is sunny and warm. The weather has been pretty good for us over the past week. We had a bit of wind but over all it has been pretty nice out. Between getting on the water to run a Day Tours I was busy getting vans to pick up locations and back to be unloaded and back out to get others. It was a fun week of musical vans!
Yesterday I decided to head out and have a little kayak time without paying guest. My roommate came with me and we had a nice day messing about on the water. It was really calm out, which is not always the best when we are out looking to have a little fun. Though a few large cargo ships passed by and we were able to play around in a some rock with the waves hitting the shore.
Last night I went out to a buddy's birthday party with…

Backpacker Magazine

I just wanted to post a quick note that you can see Discovery Sea Kayaks highlighted in Backpacker Magazine.

San Juan Island and Amazing Sunset!

Last night I got a chance to get out for the sunset. I arrived just as the sun was making its way behind the western landscape. Though I missed the sun I did not miss the beautiful show that followed. The clouds were looming with amazing color and contrast north to south. The light breeze was enough to add a comforting chill to the air and the water was jostled enough so you could hear the sea releasing energy at the shore. This time of year people migrate from town the west side of San Juan Island to enjoy these peaceful scenic moments. Sometimes it can be hard to sneak away once I am off work. But I am happy that I made it out there last night. The view was more than wroth it. Let me know if you agree.

No captions needed on the above images. Simply a beautiful sunset. I hope everyone finds time to enjoy a few before the summer is over!

San Juan Island Times

It has been a pretty nice week. But today we have a few clouds and showers in the area with wind moving in over night. That will soon pass and give way to sunny skies and warm temperatures.
Wednesday we had a meeting with all the guides. Now that everyone is here it was time to get us all together in one place and cover some topics for operations. After the meeting we treated to dinner at my place. We cooked out and had a great time.
We have a busy week coming up. I am sure I will not be able to get a post up until some time after the 27th. But I will do my best to get some images and info posted.
Here are a few pics.

AH! Beautiful!
The crew on my front deck!
Relaxing over a few beers!
Well I know it does not look like your normal executive meeting room. But I will take it any day over an enclosed closet for a meeting room!

Catching Up!

Well I am really sorry that I have been behind in updating the blog. I have been busy training new guides, running kayak tours and setting up new ideas! I will update you all on that at a later date.
The island has been really nice, so we have been pretty busy running tours. Next week we kick off a couple of weeks on insanity and I think we are all ready for it! All in all things could not be better on the island. So far it has been a great summer for me and I hope for it to continue!
I have some pictures to share with you all and I hope you enjoy them!

Getting on the water for the day.

Just off Lime Kiln State Park.
Doing a bit of rescue practice with tandem kayaks.
This can be pretty tough. The tandems are heavy. Kelly is doing a wonderful job!
This is from my perspective in the water.
Taryn and I floating around in the cold water!
That is it.
Well I know it is not much and sorry I do not have more time to post more information. Things are just a little busy and will only get busie…

Sunny Kayak Days On San Juan Island

Today started early with a few clouds hanging around the sky. But by the time I was to pick up my clients for the day, it had cleared. A nice breeze mixed with strong currents made for a fun day on the water. I was doing a half day trip today as a training trip for our new guide Taryn. It was her first time to tag along on a tour. Yesterday Taryn and Lyle, both new guides, went out for some rescue training. So I wanted to get her on a tour so she could start to get the flow of how things work.
The day was nice. We saw a couple of Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals. A few sea birds were hanging out as well. The Orca Whales have been gone for some time now and not sure if they were spotted anywhere near the islands today. There is a female Elephant Seal at SJCP beach. The rangers there are busy keeping people away from the animal. She sure picked a busy beach to hang out. Yesterday she was making friends with a tandem kayak on the beach. But we do our best to stay away and keep c…

Yesterdays Kayak Tour

I was on the water yesterday running a West Side Day Tour. It was a great day to be on the water and the group I had out was wonderful. Flat calm conditions with unseasonably hot weather. Truly a wonderful day. On the tour when we reached Dead Man Bay there was a dead Harbor Porpoise. I called the office to have them reach the stranding network as the animal was in good condition and could be of use for getting some data from. I have plenty of pictures to share so enjoy.

A dead Harbor Porpoise.
The Porpoise being taken away.
Another view.
Smooth waters.
Ah I was in a double. I was lucky to have a good paddle partner.
That is me at the bottom. Wearing one of the new Discovery Sea Kayaks hats.
Paddling home.
A nice day.
Sorry I did nit have much for image comments. But it is getting late.

Discovery Sea Kayaks in Seattle Magazine

Recently Discovery Sea Kayaks was mentioned in two local Seattle publications.
First was in the May 2009 Seattle Magazine under Island Getaways. List with The Big Attractions to San Juan you can find information about us under the heading "Being One With The Orcas" Read the article HERE!

Second we were mention in Seattle Metropolitan June 2009. They have a segment written by local from each island. Detailing the special things about each island. We were most happy and thankful to see that we were mention. Read the article HERE! I would like to say thanks to John Boyd "JB" for the kind words!
I just wanted to share some of the exciting news with everyone. I was on the water yesterday and plan on posting pictures later today. So please check back for some nice kayaking images.