Saturday, November 8, 2008

Night Photos

Last night I walked to town to get some dinner and took my camera with me.  Why you might ask. I do not really know.  But it was fun to have along.  I took a few night pics as I walked to town and after dinner.  So I just wanted to post them because I think they are fun.  

To update my tire situation, well it looks like I have to buy 4 tires instead of just two.  Since my car is all wheel drive, you have to replace them all at the same time. My tires were damaged due to mischievous behavior.  Someone decided to poke small holes in the sidewalls. So tomorrow I get to go off island and buy new tires.  I wanted that last sentence to sound fun, since that is as far from what it will be.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to get some island photos up soon.  I know I will be on the water soon and I have a new pod that attaches to my kayak that I can mount my camera to. So I hope to get some nice images.

The ferry as it departs the Port of Friday Harbor.

This is my favorite image of the night.  San Juan Island is truly a magical place.  We have miniature silver stags that feed on mystical pink trees.  

These are two gas stations that are less than a block from each other.  They are named the Big Store and the Little Store.  Yeap it is simple living.

I took this image while I was eating dinner.  I was messing around with the camera to see what type of effects I could get by moving the camera in a certain pattern.  This one is fun.

These two images were me just messing around while running down the street.  I would say I caught the attention of a few drivers who looked at me like I was nuts.  But what is so strange about running down the road swinging a camera in the air.

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Monika said...

That second one up from the bottom is awesome. Kudos to you for experimenting with your new got some cool effects.