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Septemeber Day Paddle

Yesterday I was happy to get out on the water for a few hours with friends. Robin had a childhood friend in town. They just got back from backpacking in the Olympic Mountains and wanted to go out for a short paddle. It was a beautiful day to kayak on San Juan Island. The heavy grey clouds loomed over head with a bit of rain falling. It was the perfect temperature out and we were ready to enjoy the smooth waters. We had a blast laughing and paddling the coast looking for sea stars and other creatures at the waters edge. Bald Eagles perched high in trees looking for an easy meal. Dall's porpoise were everywhere. Some groups were moving slowly along the surface making shallow dives and others were speeding along throwing a rooster tail of water forward. Drifting back home in the flood current was nice and easy and we just bobbed along with smiles. It was really nice to meet Robins friend Melissa. I hope she enjoyed here short stay on San Juan.
Robin enjo…