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San Juan Island Kayak Tours

Just wanted to let everyone know that Discovery Sea Kayaks is OPEN and operating Kayak Tours. Day Tours are already booking for this weekend. Plus we have a great deal going for those who are residents of Washington State and have a Washington State ID. We are giving 15% OFF our West Side Day Kayak Tour with your Wa State ID till May 15th.. This is a great opportunity for those that live around here to beat the crowd and get a discount.
Multi Day Tours are also booking. We are getting lots of interest in our 3 and 5 Day Kayak Tours. So if you are thinking of getting a group together for and Kayak Island Adventure, give us a call 360.378.2559.
If you are looking to buy your own kayak, we have some good deals on USED KAYAKS.
So I have had some questions when people have called lately. They are concerned about the Ferry ride and thinking about taking a tour in Anacortes instead.
First let me say that the Washington State Ferry ride from Anacortes to San Juan Island has long been though…

King 5 Great Escapes

Hey everyone.. Discovery Sea Kayaks has been nominated for King 5 News Great Escapes contest for Best Eco Adventure. Please cast your vote for Discovery Sea Kayaks....
We feel that our hard work and dedication to safety, quality and offered experience. That Discovery Sea Kayaks operates one of the best kayak adventures on the West Coast. So help us be recognized for all the years of work.
Every vote helps.
Thanks everyone....

Rain, Sun and a little Kayaking

Well I did not get much kayaking in between the spring like rains we had today. But I wanted to get off of San Juan Island and do a little woodland exploring on a near by island. Since the weather was a bit on the fowl side I decided to load and go over to Turn Island. The paddle is supper short and Turn Island is a beautiful little island with nice views and a nice little hike. Plus there was not one else there. Nothing like having your own island for a few hours of space and mental freedom.
It was nice a green with mushrooms popping out of the ground every where. Flowers speckled the forest floor with colors of white, purple and yellow. Heavy clouds loomed over the channel and slowly inched their way towards me. I enjoyed a nice little loop around the island and bit more time exploring the wooded areas of the island. There is a great granite boulder (glacial erratic) along the trail that is a wonderful chunk of rock to look at. it sits in the middle of the trail and dependi…

A New Blog in Town

So I just wanted to write to introduce a new blog that is out there. For those who are interested in learning about algae and its possible impacts on the future of bio fuels, climate change and many more applications. Then check out the new Algae and Energy blog.
Expect frequent updates on whats going on with Algae research and business applications. This is an opportunity to learn about the amazing possibilities that Algae may provide in the years to come.
Hope everyone enjoys the recommendation.
On another note. The weather is wonderful today on San Juan Island. We have a tour out on the water today and the whales were passing Lime Kiln just the other evening. So if you are thinking about or wondering if it is a good time to come out and kayak. Let me answer that question for you. YES!!

WOW, Been Awhile

Well it has been awhile since I have update the blog. Reason......
1. Posting to facebook just became much easier to deal with. 2. Managing the Discovery Sea Kayaks Facebook page. (Join DSK on FB 3. Managing the Discovery Sea Kayaks Twitter page. (Join DSK here for Tweets 4. On and off the island a lot this winter.
What I plan to do now. I have decided that keeping the blog going is fun and I need to be more active at making small post frequently. So you can expect to see more post. I plan to post reviews and short post on island kayaking. I hope to start adding more images once again for everyone to enjoy.
Sorry it has been soooooo long.
But what is up with the Washington State weather. There has not been much going on with the snow in the mountains. Overall the temps have been pretty mild on the island and plenty of sunny days. We are not seeing very much kayaker activity here yet and I am not…