A Little Island Time

As most days this time of year, I woke up to clouds and rain.  A really slow start today and I guess I really did not get as much done as I had planned.  But who's lookin?  I am still working on how I feel about my new digi camera.  I want to be able to give a fair review so if there are any kayakers out there reading, I can give good information.  So far it has not blown me away.  Yea the waterproof part of it makes it amazing.  But it is very light weight and I worry about durability.  I seem to be getting more lag between the time I press the shutter button and the time it records an image.  But I am going to get a review up pretty soon.

I did take the camera along on my run today.  I will never be a fast runner because I stop anytime I see something I want to take a picture of.  But that is part of running on trails I love. Why just run the whole time when you can stop and enjoy a view of the water, a beautiful tree or whatever catches your eye.  That is main reason I like to spend time in nature.  It helps you connect if you can slow down sometimes and take in all the subtle beauties around you.  

Today was no exception.  I was at English Camp once again to run Bell Point Loop a few times. The Big Leaf Maple tress are at the end of their cycle.  Dropping a blanket of gold leaves on the trail.  It is amazing to make your way along the trail with the ground covered in bight gold.  I once read a story about the last leaf hanging on a tree.  A man spoke to it and asked if it were sad it would soon fall and die and be separated from its parent, the tree.  The leaf simply laughed and so no.  For when I fall I provide the nutrients in the soil so that my child can continue to live. The man gaining a new perspective on life and seeing the sacrifice to support life and to see that the parent is the leaf, give all including nutrient in its end to its child.  This story has stuck with me as it changed my view of the forest and life giving quality of leave to our forest.

Well I have a few images to share and I hope you all enjoy.  Remember you can click on images to view large.

Big Leaf Maples dropping leaves.

There is a nice English Garden that is located near the water.  Not much growing this time of year.

Geese.  They pretty much are here all the time.  They like to bed down in the grass.  The do get get a bit upset if you get too close.

Here is a nice yellow Big Leaf.  I wish I could capture the vibrant colors better.

Here is a view of the trail.  See all the wonderful leaves on the trail.  It is so beautiful to jog through.


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