Friday, November 14, 2008

Kayak Clinic Prep Day

Started the day early with coffee with Jesse.  He was coming into town to do some work on one of the trailers and I was going over some other stuff that needs to be done.  I had to prep for my Kayak Skills Clinic I am teaching this weekend.  Some of that  was replacing a few gaskets in dry suits.  Not my favorite thing to do, but it needs to be done.  After packing up most the camp gear and getting food ready.  Well I really have not done much else.  I still do not have my personal gear ready and I am about to take care of that.  But thought I would toss up a few images.  I set my camera up on interval shoot.  So it took images every 4 minutes.  I have a few and it is proof that on the off season I still work every once in awhile.

Well this is the start of my work day after having about 7 cups of coffee and I still look tired.

Prepping a neck gasket to be replaced.

Moving on to the wrist gasket.  I really hate replacing wrist gaskets.

Got the clamps on finally.

Sweet I am DONE!!

Here is Jesse letting me know the power cord was completely fried.

So I leave tomorrow to teach the clinic and I will be back on Sunday.  I hope to have some really fun images from the 2 day on the water.  So check back and see how things went.

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Penny said...

Hope the trip goes really well... Don't worry Guinness and I won't get in too much trouble. :)