Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh The Fog

Today has been very humid with mist falling most of the day.  The temperature got to about 50F and I thought it was pretty pleasant outside.  We had a small tour go to the West Side today. Everyone checked in at the Discovery Sea Kayak shop at 11am.  I spent the day with my parents as they are set to leave early tomorrow.  It has been great having them on the island.  It is nice to spend time with them and go out to dinner.  I hope that they have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed having them here.  Today was the last day of the Holiday Market.  The Market is for island artist and those who make all sort of things.  I stopped in and picked up some great products from Sweet Earth Farm.  We are going to meet my parents for dinner then head out to Sweet Earth Farm where they are hosting a Barn Dance.  YEEHAA!!  I do not plan on being there long as I feel pretty tired after my run today.

Well I do not have any new images to share as it has been fogged in so bad that there has been nothing to see.  I hope tomorrow that I will be able to get out and get some wonderful pictures to share.

Have a great night everyone! 

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