Friday, November 7, 2008

Rough Morning

To add to my streaming bad luck, today was just another walk in the park for my bad luck streak.

On Thursday I went to Seattle to see Mason Jennings play at the ShowBox.  It was a great show and hung out with some great friends.  We got to Seattle early and hit some guitar shops and had lunch. Made out way though traffic to Chris and Wendy's house.  We staged there for the show and headed downtown to find parking.  Like I said it was a fun show.  My friend needed to be back on island early as he had family duties to tend to.  So we woke around 530am and we were aiming to catch the 935am ferry.  As we took off something was just not right.  We had a flat tire in the back right side.  AHHHH...  It is pouring buckets of rain.  Well the tire iron was not with the tool set. AHHH!  Jesse found a tire iron to use, at 530am that is impressive.  But again the tire iron did not fit the lug nuts.  AHHH!  So we struggle and struggle but can only get two of the five off.  Finally we give and call roadside assistance.  After a 40min wait the assistance shows and bam we have a tire. So we make a mad dash for I5.  Zipped through Seattle and on to Anacortes and got the 935am ferry.  Celebration was in order and we did so by downing much needed coffee.  As we enjoy the ferry ride with foggy scenic island scape view and relaxed feeling good. We head down to the car as we arrive in Friday Harbor and I have a flat in the front right. AHHH.  To heck with it at this point and I drove home.

So when does bad luck turn into good luck.  Well I do not have an answer and I hope it happens soon.

The recap.  Tumultuous end to a relationship that I really thought was going to make and I am most bummed that it could not.  To having to visit the eye doctor for partial vision loss in one eye.  Continue on to a bittersweet visit to Portland where I had some hopes of things making a tun, but I ended up with saying goodbye and coming home with a hole in my kayak.  My new cell phone that I just got, because I dropped my old one, has problems and I have to send it back. My laptop started to suffer some difficulties in functioning.  Now I have two flat tires on my Previa.  

Soon I will be afraid to leave the house. LOL.....

So whoever is out there that comes by my blog.  Please send me some good luck.

Sorry no pics with this post.  I hope to get out for a rainy day run later but I will have to see how things go.

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Monika said...

Shoot, I thought things like that just came in threes, but you've really had a run of it. Hopefully that doesn't mean a third flat tire!

Here's hoping your luck changes soon.