Sunday, November 23, 2008

Postcard Day

If you ever wanted to feel like you live in one of the images you see on postcards, you should have been on San Juan Island today.  It has been a beautiful day. 

I started my day by driving out to Sweet Earth Farms where a friend of mine is living and she gave me a quick hair cut.  It was great.  The morning was cold and clear.  The sun was bright and slowly starting to warm the air.  We grabbed a chair and sat out in the sun next to a tree and she cut my hair.  It is way better than sitting inside and getting your hair cut.  It was a great scene sitting on the farm looking over the property and taking in the morning.  After that I gave her a ride to town and met some other for breakfast.

After that I came home and got Guinness and headed to the south end of the island for a small hike. It was amazing outside.  It was clear enough to see Mt. Rainer in the distance.  Mt Baker was out as well and full of snow.  I am sure it will be a great sunset but I have plans to be at a get together so I will not be able to enjoy it tonight.  But the gathering of friends should be a good one.

I have some pictures to share and some are from my Kayak Clinic that were just emailed to me. Oh yea remember you can click on the images to see larger.

This is from the Kayak Clinic a week ago.  I am the one in the yellow suit.

This is from Lyle's kayak as we headed out of Griffin Bay on the day of the Kayak Clinic.

The rest of the images are from today.

Mt Baker

A view along the shore towards South Beach.

Sort of the same image as above with a slight perspective change.

I was on the shoreline looking back up the trail where I came from.

This shot is over Griffin Bay and that is Mt Constitution on Orcas Island you see in the middle of the image.

This is my magic transportation pod.  Some call them cars or mini vans.  But check out the sweet kayak on top.

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icydol said...

Wish I could have been out and about today. Plus with the weather I was soo stoked to try and catch sunset, but was Jinxed by getting a trumpeter swan into care at the very end of the day. So I missed sunset, but it was beautiful to see Sirius shining bright right above the fading sunset colors as I left the center