New President

I know that this is not exactly a political blog, but tonight was one of the most important elections many of us have had the chance to vote in.  Change was needed and the vote shows that change was wanted.  There are times when history is read about in books.  Then there are the few times in your life you are living in the moment of history being made.  It is a feeling of energy.  I can speak that most of us tonight that stood looking at the big screen and seeing the results, that there is a renewed pride in being American.

It was a great get together tonight.  There was tons of amazing food and great people.  We all had great anticipation for the evening.  Lots of laughter and buzz flowed through the room.  Food prepared for group style dinning and sweets to follow the dinner.  In the end everyone stood in silence as Barack Obama took the stage.  About mid speech the champagne was being passed around and smiles were exchanged.

Here are a few photos.

So in the name of patriotism I made an American Flag cake to take to the party.

Please click on the image to enjoy.  This was the image from the top of Cady Mountain.  The moon glowing bright.  The image was enough to make one feel that anything was possible.

Some of the crew gathered around watching as Obama was speaking.

A view of the video set up we had.

Yes we were prepared for a happy occasion.

A view of a National Political Celebration on a small island on the West Coast.  It may only be a small town, but each and everyone there did our part and voted.


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