Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amazing Weather.

To catch things up for whats been going on so far since my parents have been in town.  Well not much.  Things are pretty much the same ole routine for me.  Yesterday (Tuesday)  I took my parents around the island and we hung out on the West Side of San Juan Island along the Land Bank property.  It was nice and warm and the sun was out.  We spied a view of an Eagle sitting in the top of a tree at the waters edge.  There was a Stellar Sea lion that passed along the shore and we watched as it made its way south.  Here is a picture of Mom and Dad checking out the scene.

Not sure what they were looking at but they both seemed to be captivated by something at the moment.

After that I dropped them off at their cabin at Juniper Lane Guest House.  I think that just wanted to relax and not be moving around.  It is a bit hard to get to all my favorite locations with views as my mother has an injured foot and has to go in for surgery when she returns home.

So being Tuesday, it was the ever famous Tasty Tuesday Potluck.  So I picked my folks up and we headed out to meet everyone.  I think they had a pretty good time.  Everyone that comes out is really nice and welcoming.  After some food and drinks it was getting late so I took them home.

Today not much really went on.  Went to the south end of the island to check out the views.  Yes it was a wonderful sunny day again.  We say another Stellar Sea lion and it had a fish and was doing its best to make sure the fish was no longer alive.  Then we were off to grab some lunch. I took off for a run and I wish I had my camera.  Mt Rainer looked so close and not to mention the Olympics with fresh snow.  It was on of the best evenings to run.  Tonight we are meeting a group of friends at Steps Wine Bar and Cafe.  One of my favorite places to eat.  They rotate the menu every few weeks or so and I have not been in to eat on the new menu.  Check out the menu.

Tomorrow I am heading down to run in the local Turkey Trot.  It is a donation base run where food and money go to the Food Bank.  It will be fun to see everyone there.  Then we will be having dinner at my buddy Ivan's house.  Looks like there will be a pretty good crowd there.

I have a funny from the cocktail party the other night.  I thought I would get more, but I was stuck behind the bar playing bartender.  It was lots of fun and we all had great drinks.

There were two floors to the party.  Downstairs a foosball table showed and from somewhere.  It was a really fun get together.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow.  I will post some pictures from the Turkey Trot tomorrow.  There are some I will not be seeing this year for Thanksgiving and I just wanted to say you are missed.

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