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Kayaking Baja Planing and Tips

I wanted to spend a moment to write about my recent trip to Baja for 10 days of kayaking. My goal is to not simply share how much fun the trip was, but also a good description of the logistics and planing for the trip.
First off the trip was not a guided trip. We decided to rent kayaks and explore on our own. This is a good option if you have good experience camping in remote areas, good route finding skills over water and of course a good set of kayak skills. This is a fun way to do thing
Let me add that even being an experienced kayaker, guided trips can be lots of fun. The trips offered by the various outfitters in the region seem to be pretty amazing and have a lot to offer to those of any skill level.

So let me get started with the plans we made while still in the states. After selecting our dates and deciding on a general route we need to find kayaks. With a bit of searching on the internet we found two companies in La Paz, Mar Y Adventuras and Baja Outdoor Activities (BOA). …