Wet Day for a Hike

After hanging out in my house watching the rain I decided it was time to get out and go for a hike.  I just purchased a new Outdoor Research rain jacket and thought this would be a great time to get out and see how well it works.  My main goal was to locate a small cave on the island.  With a bit of roaming around the woods I found the entrance.  I had a head lamp and helmet with me so it was time to take a look around.  I use to do lots of caving when I lived in Arkansas.  I worked with a Biodiversity study there.  But the island does not have an extensive cave system.  I really do not know of many around here.  So to find this one was pretty fun.

It is small!  A crawling passage that only goes a short distance.  The cave ends in a small circular chamber big enough to lay in.  There is no moving water or standing water in the cave.  There were some inhabitants of the cave.  Spiders, some type of small fly, mosquitoes, and some strange fungi or something of that nature.  It was pretty fun just to be underground for a bit.  There are a few ceiling slits so there is light filtering in along the passage.

My hike back was fun as it was basically raining like mad and the wind was blowing. 


Dark and rainy!  Humm where to start looking for a cave?

Ahh.  Here it is.  Nice looking entrance.

These guys were everywhere.  

Not sure what the orange stuff.  I will have to look into it.

Time to head home.  

Well there is my day.  A nice wet hike through the woods in search of a cave.  The a little crawling around and exploring.  Really not that bad.


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