Thursday, January 15, 2009

Summer Kayaking Images

I got a comment on the blog this morning from Kandi.  She was on one of my tours last season.  I borrowed a few images from her site to share.  But you should go check out her blog to see how much fun she had on the tour.

Lyle was her paddle partner for the day.

Nice image!  Sunny and calm waters.  I cannot wait for summer!

Stopping for a little chat.

So warm out that I am wearing my shortie drytop.

Look at the water conditions.  What a wonderful day.

Kandi thanks for sharing your blog with me.  It is always nice to get images with me in them.  It seems most of the time I am taking them, so I am not in many.  Get a group together and set up a 3 day!

Hope everyone one is getting off to a good start today!

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