Wednesday, January 7, 2009

San Juan Island and Rain??

I guess that it is more of a joke about the rain.  It is very wet out here.  I guess with all of the snow melt and the constant rain.  The earth has just had all it can take.  Pasture lands are flooded with water creating a nice habitat for a diverse amount of waterfowl.  I took a bit of drive today just to take a look around.  I have been gone and just wanted to see some of the island and I had a bit of time to kill before I was scheduled to get a massage.  Yeap I spoiled myself today!  Back to the rain. Last night and today have been really wet.  Nothing but rain.  That is just part of life here in the Pacific Northwest.  

With all the water around this is a great time for birding.  Get your binoculars out and you will get to see a nice amount of beautiful ducks.  I plan of getting out over the next couple of day and seeing what all birds I can find.  

Looks like we have some nice weather coming this weekend and I am planing on getting on the water for some kayaking.  So should be able to finally get some updated images posted.

So check back and see what I was able to get images of.

Check out this ad.  If you check my blog much you know I like to trail run.  Well I found this great ad the other day for trail running shoes.  It is a bit freaky, but cool.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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