Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Light Snow in the Morning, Cold All Day

We had a few snow flurries this morning.  But that tapered off pretty quick.  It was pretty much just cold outside.  I cannot complain.  My family live in Northwest Arkansas and they are in the middle of a ice storm.  My Mom called earlier to let me know a tree feel on their house.  I do not know much more.  I have tried to call, but all the lines are down.  Thousands are without power and it does not look like it will start warming up until Saturday.  So I am not going to complain about a little cold air.

I took a bit of time to sneak off to the West Side of San Juan and enjoy the sounds of the water and the salty air.  Not much of a sunset tonight with all the clouds, but it is still beautiful. The water had a lite chop and the breeze was moderate and chilly.  Guinness and I walked down to a familiar Madrona Tree and took refuge close the the ground.  I could hear Bald Eagles chattering in the distance and before long I caught sight of one flying over the water.  Searching for its last meal of the day, it flew a search pattern over the water.  Soon it disappeared behind me into the woods.  Gulls tossed about the wind in a playful manner.  Usually annoying, but for some reason today they seemed more peaceful as the gilded in and out of view. 

Not like I have a lot of stress in my life or I will die without the connection to the outdoors that I seek so eagerly.  But it is cleansing to the mind and soul to have time that you can simply be an observer on this spinning globe instead of a participant.  Though I feel lucky that I have such a wonderful place to enjoy this time.  Everyone can find there own nature and time.  Be it in your backyard, a garden or a city park.  But if you take time to find that special place I am willing to bet you will never regret the time you spend there as an observer.

Enjoy the pictures!

Simple pleasures of life.

There is not much sun to see here.  But the dramatic set of dark tones mixed with the clouds was good enough for me.

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Alexandra said...

a sunsets after glow... magical, elegant, mysterious, and humbling. I am often awed by the magestic seens of nature here on the island. So many unexplainable masterpieces. The beauty of a sunset hypnotizes me, but it is being in the presence of its grace that enraptures the soul.