Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slow Day and Great Sunset

Today did not really go as planned.  But some days are just that way.  I had originally planned on kayaking today.  But an early morning call was to let me that my paddle partner for the day was not feeling well.  Which seems to be going around the island.  So I have to tease a bit and say, Wow I cannot believe you bailed out!  But I understand.  Since I had such a nice day on the water yesterday I decided I would get some stuff done around the house and then clean all my kayak gear from yesterday.

Time seemed to pass quickly. By the time I was done getting most of what I wanted to do for the day, the sun was getting low in the sky.  I pretty much decided earlier in the day that I had to get to the West Side for sunset.  

I found me a nice place where I could lay propped up by a nice rock and watch the water.  Then the funniest thing.  This little boy who was maybe 4 years old, came along.  He came down next to me and just sat right down.  It was pretty funny.  As I looked around I saw his Mom following him along.  The little guy looked at me and said, "your a man".  I just laughed and said yea, I am. He scrambled along the rocks for a bit then came back to sit down next to me for a bit longer. Then it was time for him to go.  As the sun went down it was getting cold and his Mom wanted to go back to the car.  Kids are pretty funny.

Well here are some photos.

Not really the most exciting thing in the world I am sure.  But this was a much needed project that will help us manage waste from our multi day tours.  Compost in the center, recycle to the left and trash to the right.  NICE!

Looking north west toward the Canadian Gulf Islands.

Olympic Mountains

The beauty of a sunset.

The water was so calm.

Check out how the color of the sky changed.  Before there was lots of red.  It was really a nice sunset.

Some days going to the West Side of the Island to watch the sunset can really do a lot for you. Taking the time to step back from everything and relax.  To enjoy something so simple, but so profound.  The sunset is something that all humans, no matter where you are, stop to take notice. 

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