Saturday, January 17, 2009

San Juan Island Winter Sea Kayaking

Today could not have been a better day to be on the water.  There were some Bald Eagles and a few other birds.  But all in all it was pretty quite.  Which there is nothing wrong with quite.  The sun was bright and a breeze out of the north.  My paddler partner today is working on a article for Seattle Magazine.  He was really lucky with the weather today.  We had a pretty nice size ebb tide, so there was a bit of chop for a bit.  But that subsided and the conditions were great.  

After having such a nice day in the sun on the water.  I came home and my roommate and I transferred our home brew to the carboy.  Soon it will be time to bottle and have some drinks!!

Here are some images from the day.

Look at the blue sky! Great time to be on the water.

The ever famous Lime Kiln Lighthouse.

Checking out the shore of Deadman Bay.

Back at Small Pox Bay.  

LOOK AT ALL THAT BEER!  Hope it taste good.

Well it looks like tomorrow is going to be another nice day here on San Juan Island.  Get your kayaks out on the water. I am!

Have a great night.

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