Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have to say, I joined the facebook movement last night.  It was a funny circumstance that led to it.  But in the end I have become a member.  It seems like a complete waste of time.  But it has been fun so far.  It was amazing how many friends from High School are there.  Plus it is awesome to see some old friends with their own families.  Pretty cool.  But I will never neglect my duties here on the blog.  Don't worry, kayak information and nature photos will continue as always.

I am sure everyone was worried about that. Laugh!!

Nothing new going on so far today.  A bit of snow early this morning.  Now it is just cold and rainy.

Check back later I hope to get some photos today. 

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kandi said...

Hey there. Your blog topic yesterday on Darwin and his theory of Natural Selection made for very interesting discussions at work today...thanks for the topic and keeping the art of debate alive. Friendly debate is always so much fun!...and by the way, welcome to facebook. :-)