National Geographic Adventures Best

Discovery Sea Kayaks was ranked by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as on of the BEST TRAVEL COMPANIES ON EARTH for the second year in a row.  We were ranked in 2008 and increased our ranking for 2009!  This is an accomplishment we are very proud of.  We strive to produce the best kayak tour experience on every trip.  Our guides are a testament to our standard to quality.  Providing a safe, education and fun experience that everyone will remember.  When it comes to recognition from organizations such as National Geographic Adventure, it is our guides we have to thank for working hard and taking pride in their position as a kayak guide.


I want to say say thank you to all of our guides that worked hard during the 2008 season.  I hope all of them are doing well today and can share in the honour of being selected as one of the BEST!


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