Ahh, A Nice Day For A Run

Ok, it may not have been the nicest day for a run.  But if you wait for the perfect day this time of year, you will never get out there.  I know I have been saying over the past few days I was going to get out and run.  After I got a cold and it seemed to drag on forever, I could not get motivated withe temperatures being cold.  But today I could see myself slipping into the, I'll do it tomorrow, patter.  Then I looked at Guinness and he seemed just as lazy as me.  So I decided today was the day to break out of the funk and hit the trail.  It was a much needed run.  Being around the house my mind had begun to dwell into things that did not really work out for me this winter.  Running as been the cure for refocusing my mind and re energizing my spirits.

I headed out with the clouds thick above and a nice breeze.  I went to the south end of the island where I love to go run.  I took a different route today and I will take it again.  It was a lot of fun with the wide trail shrinking to a single track style trail.  I ran with my new lumbar pack. In the past I kind of had always made fun of these.  But it was on Steep and Cheap for a great price and decided I would try it out.  After I hit the trail with camera, asthma inhaler, bags for cleaning after Guinness and Zune mp3 player.  I have a lot of stuff.  This pack made room for all of that and more.  I get to carry a water bottle now that came with the pack and can stow away gloves and beanie.  It is the Mountainsmith Sprint.  After a few more runs with it I will post a review.  But you can find them for sale on sierratradingpost.com

The run was great, but it started with lot of not so good feelings.  It took awhile for my body to come around to the idea.  As always Guinness and I found our sitting place that overlooks the water and took a few minutes to reflect on the world in font of us.  Cloudy, could and a light rain starting, well it could not have been more perfect.  The wind pushing rain drops carelessly through the air.  Cold and brisk gust of wind bite through to the bone and wake the soul.  It made me smile. In fact I stayed there smiling until the cold was too much.  It was time to hit the trail and generate some heat.

Then run home was the best.  I felt good and the rain was falling lightly around me.  There were two Red Tailed Hawks playing side by side in the wind.  One broke formation a flew just above me with grass clinched in its talons.  These are the reason I love to go outside.  Picking up my pace and wanting finish with a moderate sprint.  I did just that.  Perfect day for a run!

Here are a couple of pictures:

I know he is cute. But have you ever seen a dog look more bored?

He much rather be out here.  So would I!  Not a bad place to sit for a break.  I think Guinness really likes this spot.

Bad picture I know. But this is the Red Tailed Hawk that flew by.  You can see, if you click to enlarge the image, grass trailing behind as it flies.

Ok. A bit of shameless advertising, I know.  But it is for the BEST SEA KAYAK TOUR COMPANY ON SAN JUAN ISLAND! DISCOVERY SEA KAYAKS ;)

Hope everyone is having as fun and as good of day as I am.  


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