Day of Birding

Today I met up with my friend Monika to drive around the island and look for birds.  Yeap birding is a fun thing to do. Hang out with friends and walk around the woods.  Good times!  Today we were not that successful at spotting many birds.  We were very optimistic when we embarked on our journey.  With all the water standing in the pastures we thought that we might get to see lots of different ducks.  Well that did not pan out.  We saw a few but not as many as we had hoped to see.

None the less it was a great time.  Walking around the woods and along the beach looking for birds is really a nice way to spend time.  Plus I got to catch up and see what Monika has been up to.  So all in all I guess it was a pretty successful time.

The Bird List for Today:

*Western Grebe *Kingfisher *American Robin *Junco
*Northern Flicker *Canada Goose *Surf Scooter *Golden Eye
*Mallard *Red tail Hawk *Bald Eagle *Hooded Merganser
*Common Merganser *Raven *American Wigeon *Crow
*Northern Shoveler *Bufflehead *Scaupe *White Wing Scouter
*Trumpeter Swan *Glaucus Winged Gulls *Northern Harrier

Here is a image of a nice gravel road with beautiful forest along both sides.


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