San Juan Island and Slow Days

Not much happening today.  I ran into some friends when I went out for lunch.  It was fun to catch up.  But a friend of mine called and wanted to go see the little cave I was messing about in the other day so we met up and headed out.  

I spent a bit more time checking things out this time around and took a few new photos.  To see Monika's Photos check her blog:
I am sure she will have some images there soon.

Humm. Is this the way out?

Meet some of my new friends

That is all I have.  Have a great day.

Here are some photos sent to me from MoniKa:

Good perspective for seeing the size of the passage.

Checking out critters on the ceiling.


Monika said…
Your photos turned out great! Awesome lighting. That one of the spider is sweet.

You gotta learn to spell my name right though! :P

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