Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Day on San Juan

Today was a quite day.  Never anything wrong with a quite day, but sometimes you can start to have to many of them.  Tomorrow I will have to get out and enjoy some outdoor activity rain or shine!

My good friend Mike who works for the Nature Conservancy in Arkansas doing exciting research in caves.  Has started a new web blog.  It is his work in progress and I wanted to share the blog with everyone and I hope he starts to post some of the amazing discoveries he encounters.

I am trying to get some time to head back south and do some caving with Mike.  We used to do bio inventory work in caves together.  But that was a long time ago and it will be fun to be get back underground and share in the exportation.

Here is a picture of Mike, his wife Christy and me.  This was on New Years Day sitting in a creek bed.  The theory is how you spend your New Years Day would set the tone for your new year. So for me camping, hiking and hanging out with good friends.  Man I am going to have a good year :)

Tonight is Tasty Tuesday, our weekly potluck.  Good times and good friends! 


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