Back in Washington

I made it back yesterday with no flight problems.  So that was good.  I was picked up by my friend Wendy and went back to her place to hang out until we pick up Chris from work.  On our way back from the airport it started snowing.  We did not think it would amount to much.  But we ended up getting like 4 inches at their house.

I got up today and took the shuttle back to the island.  My dog Guinness was happy to see me. Other than him I can't say anyone else was excited.  

Here are couple of photos:

Here is Kaya.  She is a sweetie.

My buddy Chris.  I have never seem him dressed up for work before.  I had to get a picture of this.

Last night in Seattle

It was really coming down there for a bit.

I need to unpack and catch up with my roommate.  

Have a great night everyone.


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