Wind and The Sea

Today the wind made its way to the islands.  Strong SE winds with gust well over 50mph.  It was fun to go sit on the South end of the Island and watch the waves.  As I sit in my house writing this post.  The wind is blowing and limbs are falling on the roof.  The winds are only suppose to get stronger as the night passes.  

As I drove along Cattle Point Road there was a Norther Harrier flying over the tall grass.  I pulled over to watch as it was quite a sight.  Northern Harriers are that big of a bird.  It was trying tirelessly to hunt for food.  Watching as massive gust of winds hit the birds and it would wildly sway left to right.  Making all adjustments needed to stay in flight.  Needless to say this was a tough day to be hunting.  The Harrier (aka Marsh Hawk) flies swiftly along tall grass hunting for prey.  I guess even on the windy days you still have to try and eat.  I decided to move on and see what the water looked like towards Cattle Pass.

It is really hard to get an idea of what the water is like from shore.  It is best to be in the middle of it.  So I tried to get a few video clips.

Here is a still image from the above video

This is an image of South Beach.

After messing around and getting the view from above.  I wanted to get a much closer look.  So I went to South Beach to get a closer look. It was pretty wild.  Once again I do not think the images really capture what is going on.  I tried to get a few videos, but still not sure if it gets the energy level.  South Beach is covered with drift wood.  Lots of drift wood was being swirled around and some logs as big as 15 feet I saw tumbling end over end towards the beach in the surf.  At one point I was getting a bit to close.  I just wanted to feel the salt in the wind sting my face and the drift wood I was standing on went afloat.  I had to scurry off and try not to slip as I jumped along the logs back to solid ground.  

The wind was really strong and the offshore waves were really big.  But my little camera does not zoom while in video mode.

Just another video from South Beach.

The above images are from South Beach as well.

The sea is an amazing thing.  Its ability to change from calm to a raging sea is staggering.  The amount of energy where land and water meet is a fun place to be.  You can feel the energy just by getting near the shore.  The sounds of the wind, feel and taste of the salt in the air.  It is truly one of natures most amazing remedies.

"The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea" Isak Dinesen


icydol said…
Amazing photos and video Jas. As much as I dislike the wind I would take it over this cold snowy stuff right now (as what I walk/jogged in this morning), but definately not along with it. Sounds like we will be driving back across SoDak in a blizzard on Sunday (it is the storm that is hitting you right now).
Monika said…
I think the second video captures it really well - where you can see the logs rolling in the surf.

I love that quote, too. For some reason it really strikes a chord in me today.

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