Sunday, December 14, 2008

San Juan Island Snow

I really did not think that it was going to snow.  But last night my friend Winter and his girlfriend stopped by.  When they came in they were all excited that it was starting to snow. So by the time I ate dinner and decided to go out in the big town of Friday Harbor, it had snowed enough to cover the roads.  This morning I was shocked to see that it was still snow.  Though we did not get much it was an added bonus to the day.  I took my time getting out of the house.  Then walked to town with Lyle and Guinness to get coffee.  Guinness was so crazy.  He loves the snow. I let him walk to town without his leash today, I could tell he was pretty happy about that.

Once I got back home I warmed up the Previa and we took off to see the beauty of the island with snow.  I do not want to write too much here as I have some photos I want to post and do not want to take up every one's time.


Walking to town from my house.  This is Argyle Ave, you can see Guinness on the sidewalk.

We went to Lime Kiln State Park.  You can see the Lighthouse in the image on the right.

Walking down the trail to the water.  The Pacific Madrona trees were amazing next to the snow.

Two images of the Lighthouse. Sorry for posting so many of the Lighthouse. It was just some pretty with the snow covered rocks.  I could not help myself.

This guy came swimming by.  It is a Northern (Stellar) Sea lion.  He was quite big but my little camera just cannot zoom in that well.  Click on the image to get a better view.

Me goofing around.

Me and Guinness.  He was having such a good time running and rolling around in the snow.  He turns into a puppy when the snow arrives.

This was the view on the way back to town.  I have the image under exposed.  It helps Baker be more visible.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the images today.  It is really nice here with the snow around. The wind is suppose to kick up again today and tonight.  So it is going to be a cold one.  I have a great gathering tonight at my buddies house.  There will be lots of great people and food.  

Have a great day and night!


Michele Wassell said...

Stunning photos! Beautiful! I love winter and the island looks beautiful in snow... Wish I was there to enjoy it.


It is really beautiful there! And that was really a substantial amount of SNOW! Is it common there or not so much? We had our first snow in about 5 years here in central Texas last Wednesday, but not as much as you got! I should post pictures of it to my blog........thanks for sharing some of the pacific coast with us!