Meditative Run

A much needed run today.  There are many reason I run.  Some have to do with fitness, but that is really not much of why I like to run.  For me it is a time of day to take in fresh air.  To maximize the potential air flow through my body.  It's very cleansing.  It also is a wonderful time to unload mental stress or other stresses you may have built up.  Being outside can become more of a spiritual outlet if you allow yourself to connect with your surroundings.  San Juan Island is a wonderful place to connect to you surroundings.  From mountain views and amazing water views. There is an amazing abundance of natural beauty here.  So today I used my outdoor venture and run as a release.  A way of letting out what troubles the mind and breath in fresh ideas and thoughts.  

Today shaped up to be a beautiful day.  The sun came out and the temperature was moderate. A very light breeze and views of mountain and calm waters.  The forecast for the weekend is not looking so nice.  Cold, windy and a chance of snow.

So as you can see today was the day to get out for a run.  I am sure I will get out and play if we get some snow.  But it will be much colder than today.

Well I have a few pictures to share with everyone.  Still shooting with my old digital camera. I am still waiting to hear from Pentax.

I drove to South Beach to take the pictures.  It was the closest place for me to park and get a few photos before dark.  I just got finished running.

Here you can see the moon coming up.  Just minutes before I was running along the tree line coming down the hill.

Lets not forget my partner in crime.  Guinness (aka Guinny Pig, Guin, and G-Dog).

It was overall a pretty slow day.  Started with a long phone call that ended as about as good as our economy.  Then me going on a cleaning rampage in the house, a little guitar playing and the rest of the time was spent running around with Guinness in the woods.  

Hope everyone is having a good night.

I will be a the Discovery Sea Kayak shop tomorrow.  We are open from noon to 5pm.  So if you need any gear it is all on sale.  Stop by and say hi.


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