What a sunset!

If you come by my blog very often you can see that I really like where I live.  Today was just another day that reconfirms that statement.  Most of the day I was couped up in the office working on updating the Discovery Sea Kayak web page.  It is just tedious and boring work.  Mainly going over old images and looking to replace them with new ones.  Updating prices and getting dates for tours put together.  Yeap, like I said. BORING.

I had to take care of a few bills. So I left a bit early and when I was done with that I decided I needed to go for a run.  So I loaded Guinness (my dog) in my Previa and headed to the south end of the island.  It is a fun run.  You entern the woods at the parking lot and have a nice stroll through dense overhead canopy.  Then you arrive at this not so nice hill.  As you crest the top your heart is pounding from the exertion.  But as you start to emerge from the woods the expansive view is more than worth it.  It is so heart warming to reach the top and be greeted with views of the mountains and beautiful calm waters.  You could even see Mt. Rainer in the distance.  As usual I had my camera with me and decided to jog out to a point and take a break and enjoy the sunset.

I developed more patience as I sat looking at how the clouds we absorbing the colors from the sun.  I could not draw myself away and gave in to the fact that I was not going to go anywhere until the sun has set.  The temperature started to give me a chill as I was a bit sweaty from my jog.  After saying goodbye to the sun and hello to the moon.  It was time to get moving.  So I got to my feet and made a nice jog back to my Previa.  

It was one of the best sunsets I have seen in awhile.  So enjoy the pictures and as always click on them to get a better view.

Mt. Baker as the sunset.

A view of Cattle Pass.

A great view looking to the northwest.

The sun going down.

The sun is slowly slipping behind the Olympic Mountains.

Click on this one for sure to view.  Mt. Rainer is in the center if the image.

These last two image were on my run back.

I have to say these are some of the most amazing clouds I have seen in quite some time.

If you live here and did not get a chance to get out to see the sunset or if you are visiting from another location.  I hope you enjoyed the sunset images as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

I hope everyone is having a good evening.


Charles R. said…
Those are beautiful pictures, Jason! Nicely shot as well.

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