Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Snow in the Forecast

Most of us were getting a bit spoiled with the moderate temperatures and calm winds we were having earlier this month.  I was thinking that maybe winter would miss us all together.  But before we knew it.  Winter was here.  All in one night it seemed to arrive to the island.  Cold air, strong winds and snow moved over the island and has left us with icy roads and beautiful scenery.  

Tonight there is a slight chance of more snow with a greater chance of snow on Wednesday.  I think the accumulations is set to range from only 1 inch to 3 inches.  But here on the island 1 inch can me enough to slow things down. 

I have travel plans set for Wednesday.  I am suppose to go to Seattle as I am due to catch a flight Thursday to fly back to my home town.  Seems I have picked a bad day to be on the roads.

I hope everyone is waking up to a good morning.

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