Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slow Days Follow Me to Arkansas

I guess that it has less to do with the location and more to do with me.  My days back home on San Juan Island can be pretty slow and since I have been here in Arkansas not much has changed.  I spent Friday at the house with my family.  Mom had foot surgery before I got here and she is not suppose to be on her feet.  

Today I got up and decided I would go to a near by park for a run.  The park is Gulley Park and it is a pretty basic park.  It has a paved running/walking path and a lots of open space.  I guess the do a summer concert series there.  Plenty of space for it.  

It is drastically different from my running spots back home on the island.  But after yesterday I needed to get out to breath some fresh air and clear my head.   

Here are a few photos of the park.  

When I got out of the car for my run it was 50F by the time I finished the 3 mile run the temperature was 39F.  It suppose to keep dropping.  I think it is going to be single digit temps.  But we are not going to get the snow everyone back home is getting.

Looking at the forecast the island will be getting lots of snow and I saw that Portland was really getting a dose as well.  I hope everyone I know is out enjoying the snow.  

Maybe I will get out tonight and get some pictures of the local town square with all the Christmas lights.  

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