Trumpeter Swan

Today started with the usual coffee and meeting with Richard.  Working on new and fresh ideas to bring to the company.  Not much was reached today.  Though last night I was inspired by a friend of mine to be more aggressive in setting up waste disposal program for our multi day kayak tours. Our Explorer Tours we provide all food and this produces a good amount of waste.  Waste including compost, recycling and standard trash.  The idea is to build an easily accessible compost area so that it used more vigilantly.  Then create a separation between the recycle bins and trash bins.  So I met with Jesse to start clearing the area we will be implementing the program.  It is nice to have conversation that leads to actions.

The next portion of my day I went out to Wolf Hollow to help a friend of mine.  She needed help feeding a juvenile Trumpeter Swan.  This is a pretty large bird.  Even though it is not an adult, it is big.  So we basically just needed to get it into a corner and get a sheet over its back and wings. Then get a feeding tube in place and feed away.  Though I do not think the swan really cared to much for the process.  It was nice to catch a glimpse of some of the other wildlife while I was there.  I only took a couple of pictures of the swan.

Wish I had something standing next to it to give some scale to the swan.
Kind of a gray color.  As and adult it will be bright white.


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