Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here and it seems to have arrived quickly.  All my friends back home in Friday Harbor have been dealing with lots of snow and icy roads.  Here in Arkansas I have seen temperatures go up and down with rain falling most of the time.  Today looks as if the sun will shine so I plan on going out for a run.

Yesterday I went to visit a good buddy of mine.  He owns a really nice furniture shop in Fayetteville Arkansas.  Lacuna Modern Interiors.  We set around and caught up on old times.  I helped him with a few computer problems he was having.

A couple of images from my buddies shop.

Later that night we went out to eat at Powerhouse Seafood and Grill.  Kind of strange for going to a seafood place when I live in the coast.  But there are a few things there I cannot get back home. One of my favorites, craw fish.  Yeap, I got plenty for dinner last night.  It was fun to hang out and catch up.

But I have to say I am missing the coast.  I miss waking up and after my coffee routine, going down to see the water.  Going running and seeing the beautiful scenes of mountains covered in snow, eagles flying overhead and the ocean shinning from reflected light.  But I will be home soon enough.  I am enjoying time visiting with my parents and that is really why I come home anyway.

Well I hope all my friends back west are having a safe and fun Christmas Eve.  

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