Lights of the Ozarks

I did not have a whole lot going on today.  So after dinner I went out for a drive around town. Dinner by the way was great.  I had wonderful pork shoulder sandwiches.  But on my drive I mainly wanted to got to the historic downtown square of Fayetteville Arkansas to see the Christmas Lights.  The last day for lights are on the 31st of Dec, so I wanted to check them out before they are gone.  The evening was cool but nice.  The lights were fantastic and horse carriages going around the square.  There were ever pony and camel rides.  Families were walking around buying hot drinks and cotton candy for the kids.  

Here area couple of photos

The center of the square is the most decorated.

Just another view. 

Last but not least is the Razorback.  This is the college mascot.  I went to college here in my home town.  The University of Arkansas.  Go Hogs!!

After the stroll around the square I went over to a friends house to catch up on what been going on in their life.  

Tomorrow I am going to hear over the campus and walk around the old stomping grounds.  The University does a Senior Walk.  So every person who has ever graduated from the UofA has their name engraved with their class on sidewalks on campus.  I have never been to see my name.  So that is what I am going to do tomorrow.  For dinner I am going to go meet one of my old caving buddies.  I am excited to see him.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night.


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