Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold in Arkansas

It is freezing cold here today and the night time temp is suppose to be 3F.  Been a slow visit thus far.  My usual is to head out on the town, meet up with friends and enjoy the night life.  But so far my motivation has been a bit low.  I have not even gone out since I have been back.  I have gone out for some exercise and the rest of the time I have spent with my parents.  My buddy Tim stopped by the house today.  It was nice to hang out for awhile. 

My roommate called and it sounds like the island took a pounding when the snow feel.   I checked out a few of the local news sites.  Not many pictures but some of my friends have sent a few to me.  I am a bit homesick with all the beautiful snow falling.  It would be a lot of fun to be out in the snow. 

This picture was sent to my by my friend Penny.

I am not sure if she is going to be posting her images on her blog or not.  But if you want to check 
the following link will get you there

Well I hope my friends on the West Coast are staying warm and enjoying the snow.  

Have a good night everyone.

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