Beautiful Walk

Since I am leaving the island tomorrow, given the weather does not get too bad.  I decided to head out for a hike today.  I called Richard and he was up to the small adventure as well.  We met at the house, loaded Guinness in the Previa and head out to both of our favorite spot.  

It was a perfect day to be outside.  Cold but not unbearable, with a brisk breeze and clear skies. We took out time chatting and messing about the trail.  Overall just having a relaxing time hanging out and enjoying the beauty of a place we feel fortunate to call home.  There were tracks left in the snow from passing critters that were moving about the trail before us.  A Red Tail Hawk flew out of the tree line and kited in the wind.  Taking a high vantage point looking for a nice meal.  As we rounded the end of the trail to head back home,  you could see Mt Baker and the Cascade Range. Richard spent some time point out all the peaks in the distance.  As we walked home the sun in out face and it slowly faded behind the Olympic Mountains.  The sky was amazing with rich tons of orange and red.  Guinness was always bounding along the trail ahead of us.  Running his now below the surface of what snow was left.  I am sure there was a poor mouse under there scurrying away before it could become a meal.  Little did it know, Guinness would more than likely be afraid of it.  

It was a nice little hike.  I have a few images to share.  I have my Pentax Optio W60 back from being repaired.  I cannot tell anything has been done.  But I took it along for the hike.

Well this will be my last post from San Juan Island until I get back from visiting my family for Christmas.  I will be in the great town of Fayetteville Arkansas.  A nice little college town in the Ozark Mountain region of Northwest Arkansas.  It is where I grew up and it will be nice to see all my friends and family for a little while.  I will do some small updates while I am there.  So please check back.

Enjoy the images from today!

The black animal is my dog Guinness.  An amazing view toward the Cattle Point Lighthouse.

A picture of me and for some reason Guinness is looking up at me. 

SUNSET! BEAUTIFUL! Nothing else I can say.

I hope everyone is having a great evening.  I am heading out to have potluck night (Tasty Tuesday) with some friends.  


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