San Juan Island Winter Kayaking

The weather has been so nice and mild for this time of year.  It makes it hard not to get out on the water.  Plus Jesse and I got our new dry suits in the other day and I was really wanting to get some salt on them.  They are great, custom all black with reflective lettering that says DISCOVERY on the arm.  It is the new Discovery Sea Kayak uniform.  Kokatat did a wonderful job on the suits. Really the highest quality dry suit for kayaking you can get.  I am still waiting for my new PFD, so I will get a review up on it after I wear it awhile.

But the paddle today was great.  We left San Juan County Park and headed south.  We decided to do a one way trip and get a pick up at the end.  We got to Eagle Cove and beached the kayaks and hiked to American Camp Visitor Center.  There we used the phone to call Richard and he came and picked us up.  

The water was still and quite today.  Visibility was good across the water, but you could not see the Olympic Mountain as they were covered with clouds.  Wildlife was minimal.  A few Common Murres, Cormorants, Mergansers, and lots of Bald Eagles.  More than anything it was just spending time with a good friend on the water.  Jesse and I both have a great connection to the water and the outdoors.  It is so much fun to be on the water with someone that shares the respect in the beauty around you.

I took a few images and here they are.  Some you will have to click on to view to get a better idea of the image.

This is a familiar view for some.  Heading down the coast of San Juan and you can see the Lime Kiln Lighthouse off the point.

Here I am facing towards the Olympic Mountains and San Juan is at my back.  Look how beautiful the water is.  It was so calm it was kind of spooky.

Here is a picture of me playing around.  I am sculling for support and enjoying the cold and crisp water.  Still it is the scenery that takes first prize.

Here I just finished rolling back up.  I finished this roll in a forward position.  I am facing the camera.

Here is the end of the day.  Just got out of the kayak and Jesse snapped this picture.  I have to say the dry suit looks pretty nice.

Well I still have not got my waterproof camera back yet.  So I have been using my Sony and it is starting to not do so well.  I am teaching private lessons tomorrow, but I do not think I will get any pictures.  But if I have a chance to get out for a hike or a run I will try to get a few to share.

I hope everyone out there is having as great a day as I am so far.


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